In this tutorial you will learn how to create 3D box in aftereffect and box unfolding animation steps by step without any plugin. Also you can download the file from my patron.

Learn Motion graphics in After effects with FrameTalks. If you are struggling in motion graphics or in after effects please mention in the comment section below and we will help you with it. Let’s learn together… Don’t forget to spread the knowledge to others 😉

Watch this video or follow the steps.

First I created box images on photoshop, if you don’t no the photoshop so you can create this on after effect from using shape layer. Now just import these images and drop on composition convert it on a 3D layer.
Now move and arrange the images.

After arranging just set your pivot or anchor point according to your animation and set key on rotation, scale or position as your style. you can follow my animation technique and style as I shown on my video. After giving keys you have to do some changes on graph editor so you will get the animation more interesting. you can create a bounce effect as I created. In the end don’t forget to click on motion blur before rendering so you will get perfect output.


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