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What are 3ds Max Shortcuts? A 3D Studio Max software which is owned by Autodesk and helps you with 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool. Scrolling down the menus and rollouts will only slow your work speed and irritate or frustrate you the most. That is the reason why 3d’s Max shortcuts are given so much importance.
List of Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts

HotkeyDescription (all these letters should be lowercase) e.g A does not toggle Angle Snap but a does.)Be aware this chart is unaccurate in that respect. 3DS Max is not case insensitive
AAToggle Angle Snap on/off.
bChange active viewport to “Bottom” view.
cChange active viewport to “Camera” view (there must be at least 1 camera in your scene for this command to work). If you have more than 1 camera in your scene, this will toggle between cameras.
dDisable view (prevents view from updating; used when editing very large scenes to improve performance)
erotate selected object (does not Select).
fChange active viewport to “Front” view.
gToggle grid on/off.
hSelect hidden objects in select from scene dialog by name to unhide those objects.
iCenter active viewport to the mouse’s position.
jShow hide selection brackets
lChange active viewport to “Left” view.
mOpen the Material Editor.
NToggle Auto Key on/off.
OAdaptive degradation, shows objects as boxes, speed up viewport drawing in complex scenes
PChange active viewport to “Perspective” view.
QSelect Object.
RSelect and Scale.
SToggle Snap on/off.
TChange active viewport to “Top” view.
UChange active viewport to “User” view.
WSelect and move.
XHide/unhide gizmo.
zZoom Extents All Selected.
6Particle View (v6 & 7 only).
7Polygon Count (displayed at upper left of viewport for selected object).
8Environment panel.
0Render to texture
SpaceLock selection
Up arrowWalkthrough mode
MMBPan view
Ctrl+MMB2x Pan speed
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+IInvert selection
Ctrl+VClone selected Object
Ctrl+C(this is not copy!)(in perspective viewport) create target camera using the curent view.
Ctrl+XeXpert Mode
Ctrl+LMB(click)Add clicked object to current selection
Ctrl+LMB(hold)Marquee, Add multiple selected to current selection
Alt+LMB(click)Remove clicked object from current selection
Alt+LMB(hold)Marquee, Remove multiple selected from current selection
Shift+LMB(click)Clone selected/clicked object
Shift+LMB(click+drag)(with move selected) Clone and move selected/clicked object
Alt+MMBRotate View
Alt+XXray view mode
Alt+QIsolates the selected objects
Alt+wMaximize viewport toggle

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