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If you are a professional Interior designer or a professional Artist, you may need a lot of time to design these 3D models and 3D images since it involved a lot of imagination, creativity, and skills to build from scratch. So you have to know the source of 3D models and as your requirement you can go to the website and search your model as your required for your scene. The 3d models can also be used for a computer graphics designing and architecture works. To make your life easy, we are listing the best websites to Download Free 3D Models.

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3D Warehouse

This is one of the best online 3d model sites where you can search any model or object, This website have a vast collection of online 3D modeling files to download free. 3D Warehouse is integrated with Google SketchUp where you can upload your own 3D design Online, download and share work of free 3D models.


The features enable you to download high-Quality Woodwork Models with Materials. The option of sharing your thoughts and questions is present for only registered users. Still, the added option to upload your own 3D models is nevertheless advantageous. You need software that is compatible with the available file model and a computer device with Internet access to download and use these Google SketchUp or Other 3d software files.

Website Link: 3D Warehouse

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TurboSquid models are used by game developers, advertisers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios,  and creative professionals artist around the world. TurboSquid’s provide some good quality models and TurboSquid’s goal is to save artists the time of making a great online 3d modeling files, and instead, let them add their personality to their creations.

TurboSquid’s secondary mission is to focus the creativity of artists around the world to continually improve their library of models. This in turn helps the artists who supply those 3d Design models build a career as professional 3D modelers. You can also sale your 3D models and earn some money from this website. This 3D website features a wide array of online catalogs including cars, architectures and a lot more.

Website Link: TurboSquid

Master Bedroom Interior Modeling + Vray render


CGTrader,  unlike the other stated websites, is an online marketplace for users to purchase the needed 3D Models. But still, some amount of free models are also available to download.

The added features of filters and components allow for easy browsing and narrowing down to the appropriate content required. The website provides high-quality VR ready 3D models to download for a price. The selling and purchasing features help towards a healthy showcase platform for talented designers.

Website Link: CGTrader

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3DSky is a collection of quality 3D models online and they are updating the collection weekly. you can download 3 free model in a day But on this website the quality of model is good. This website is good for Vray users.

On this website you also find pro models also. 3D sky is one of the premier CG art websites in the world, offering a variety of a free texture library.

Website Link:


The smart objects were limited to be used in Architecture software and at that time only one software was clever enough to allow such configurable branded objects to be done, and it was Graphisoft Archicad. The first projects for BIM objects were in Sweden in 1989, a complete product catalogue was done as smart 3D objects for Swedish company Eurobib, so they more effectively could build up a BIM model in ArchiCAD and create drawings, 3D perspectives and complete bill of materials for price quotations for their potential customers.

Website Link: BimObject


CadDetails  is a large online community of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students aimed at providing CAD models and 3D models. There are more than 4,320,000 members in the community and constantly updating 3D designs online to the site database.

The sheer amount of active 3D content professionals allows the website to be the source to interact with some of the best designers and engineers. There is also a provided app for professionals including CadDetails Workbench and CadDetails Print.

Website Link: CadDetails

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