Instagram is really growing very fast and also every hour users increases so In this digital work it’s rally important to post some creative post so users will connected with us. So here is the example of best creative post, how to split image for Instagram and post. so please follow these steps or watch this complete video.

Instagram Image Recommendations

Getting Starting

Instagram post size is square like Width – 1080px Height – 1080px both are save pixel | Color Profile – sRGB

Create a new post with a square image size. Example: 1080 X 1080

Image > Canvas Size and click the arrow in the image below.

It increases the width you can also say It will create a space to the right and expand your canvas to the right. Change the pixels to percentage to most easily expand the canvas to the size of your liking. If you want use five images, raise the percentage to $500% or we are creating 4 images, so i raise 400%.

Now you can turn on the guide layout. so it’s easy to slice the images.

Now place your image in this canvas. Select slice tool and create 4 slices of this image.

Once you fit the image in your template, you can export your images.

Export Slices as Individual Files

When you’re ready to save, go to File > Export > Save for Web.

Make sure you have JPEG selected, and select maximum for the quality. Then click on Save.

Step By Step Index

00:20 – Creating New file

00:40 – Increase Canvas

01:00 – Grid Layout

01:15 – Slicing

02:30 – Save as web

FREE Template

If you don’t want to spend time making a template, you can use mine for free! Download it below! Click here

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