Even in 3ds Max and VRay, creating a glass material can be somewhat tricky to get right in the first go. Let me teach you my own method of creating a realistic glass material in 3D max. This method can be a pretty good basis for creating something even more complex, cause when it comes to glass, there can never be enough tweaking!

Glass Base Material

Follow the steps below to create an all-purpose base glass material:

  • When working in 3D max, it’s best to create a project folder. so put all the assets on that drive.
  • Open up this material editor so we can start. M is the shortcut for material editor.
  • Put diffuse color Black
  • Reflect color is white rest values are same.
  • Refract color is also white
    Glossiness 1.0, IOR 7.0, Check affect shadow, Max depth 7
  • Fog color light green with white mix.
    Fog multiplier 0.02
  • BRDF is blinn.

I share a complete scene with light, so you can practice or check out some more setting on max file. click on download button.

Exterior lighting and rendering tutorial.

I also provide an autoCAD drawing for practice you can download. check our post.

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Complete interior lighting tutorial

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Download max file

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