In this article we explain you How to Remove shooting Gun and Crosshair target from first person Template.

This “How To” series covers all the steps needed to create a fully playable and animated character through Blueprints. By the end of this How To series, you will have a character that can Walk.

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For an example of the finished product, click the video sample below.

First Create Project with First Person Template

Open Blueprint of First Person Character to remove shooting and invisible gun and arms from rendering. On spawn projectile, we remove the connection of input action fire and input touch. So just press ‘alt and right click’ to disconnect these tangents.

Now we want to remove the gun from the character. so open blueprint of our first person character again. And select the gun and uncheck, the visible in rendering tab. Same with the other gun and mesh. Now save and compile Minimize the blueprint and play the scene. So guns are not visible.

Now we want to remove the Crosshair target from rendering. So just open ‘First person Hood’ Blue print.

On the group, ‘Drawn cross hair in center of screen’. Disconnect this tangent. Now compile and save this.

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