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Sketch Up Pro Complete Overview with shortcuts

Is there a complete list of the Keyboard Shortcuts that a defined by Default? I looked on the Knowledge Center but did not find an official list from Sketchup team.

The one I have is from various authors and is as follows:

  • Select (Spacebar)
  • Paint Bucket
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Move
  • Rotate (Q)
  • Scale
  • Tape Measure
  • Orbit
  • Zoom
  • Eraser
  • Line
  • Arc
  • Push/Pull
  • Offset
  • Zoom Extends (Shift-Z)

Before I go all crazy and assign other tools to specific keys I was curious if there was an extended list of Keyboard Shortcuts that people are already trying to use or make global for the application.

For instance I would like to assign some shortcuts for the Camera Views: Top, Side, Front, and ISO

Sketch Up Pro Complete Installation & Crack

Download SketchUp: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all

This one letter-sized sheet packs a lot of information inside. Along the left side is a list of nearly all of SketchUp’s tools. You see the icon, tool name, and in parentheses, any shortcut keys that come pre-defined in SketchUp. For example, the black arrow icon is for the Select tool, and its shortcut key is the Spacebar.


(A note about shortcuts – what appears on the QRC is what comes with SketchUp when installed – the default shortcuts. You can add, change, or delete shortcuts in the System Preferences window.

The right side of the QRC is just as valuable. SketchUp’s most commonly-used tools are listed here, with shortcuts again in parentheses. Look at each tool’s Operation and Instructions – here’s where you might learn something new. For example, the 2 Point Arc tool (shortcut: A) has three types of input. If you enter a number, that number will be the Bulgedistance – how far the arc curves out. If you enter a number followed by the letter R, the arc will have that Radius. And if you enter a number with an S, that number will be the number of arc Segments.


Or look at the instructions for the Eraser – using this tool with the Ctrl key softens edges (hides and smooths), while the Shift key just hides edges. A good number of people seem to know that, but not very many know that Ctrl+Shift together will unsoften / unsmooth.

It’s well worth your time to look through the entire tool list and note and special instructions, tips, etc.

Finally, look at the bottom left corner of the QRC, where the mouse scroll wheel functions are listed.


Everyone knows you can zoom with the scroll wheel; most know about orbiting by dragging with the wheel pressed. Fewer people know that you can pan the view by holding Shift while dragging with the wheel pressed. And almost nobody (until now!) knows that double-clicking the wheel centers the view.

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